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Work With Me

With more than ten-years of experience in the publishing and marketing online world I have;

  • Guided authors to write their books
  • Guided authors through the steps to self-publish on the Amazon Platform
  • Helped authors break into online markets with interviews and podcasts
  • Coached authors and challenged them to become better writers
  • Helped authors make it to bestseller status
  • Helped with social media management
  • Garnered book reviews

First, decide what you need to accomplish.

  • I offer results-based coaching in:
  • PR Writing Services including press releases, press-kits, blogging,
  • Editing Services
  • Publishing
  • Book Coaching Packages
or any combination of the above button(18)  


“I would like to thank my editor, Rebecca Camarena, for putting up with my schizophrenic slow-pace some months and get-it-done-now-pace on other days routine, my massive run-on sentences and my OCD-like fixation on certain chapters.” Dan Smith, author of Failing Greatly.

“To trim the fat and help me structure the book to tell the most compelling, powerful story possible, a talented editor, Rebecca Camarena of Rebecca’s Author Services provided adroit editing assistance and guided me through the Amazon printing and sales process.” Paul Scott, author of Radical.

“I sought out Rebecca’s Writing Services for help editing my manuscript. I wanted someone who would go over my story line with a fine tooth comb, correcting grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure wherever necessary. What I got was so much more. Rebecca went above and beyond my expectations, guiding me through a process that turned my story into a novel. She showed me where I needed to tighten up my writing and where I needed to expand my characters to bring them to life. Her suggestions and revisions were spot on! Now, a major publisher is considering my book for publication.
**Emile Marks Horne

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