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“I sought out Rebecca’s Writing Services for help editing my manuscript. I wanted someone who would go over my story line with a fine tooth comb, correcting grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure wherever necessary. What I got was so much more. Rebecca went above and beyond my expectations, guiding me through a process that turned my story into a novel. She showed me where I needed to tighten up my writing and where I needed to expand my characters to bring them to life. Her suggestions and revisions were spot on! Now, a major publisher is considering my book for publication.
**Emile Marks Horne

I came to Rebecca with my first-ever manuscript in hand. I didn’t know what to expect, but I did want to get frank, helpful feedback and direction – and encouragement – if there were something to be encouraged about. I have some work ahead of me now, but appreciated Rebecca’s editing that’s pointed me toward a better manuscript and, hopefully, a published book!

Thanks, Rebecca, for your feedback and comments on the manuscript and other hints for moving forward. The process has been good learning, though, and your feedback valuable as I've shaped and expanded the stories and characters over the months."

Bruce Crandall, Debut Author

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