Marketing your book might be one of the hardest things you have ever done. Some authors that I have heard from would rather write their books than having to deal with marketing because frankly, they run into a few obstacles along the way. • Putting yourself out there in social media can be quite scary. • It’s time consuming to market yourself • You have no idea where to find your readers It just takes Planning Promotion and Perseverance. This is where I can help you be a success. Work With Me.


Once you’ve completed a solid draft of your work, it’s time to step back and look at the big picture. • Does the reader understand what you’re trying to say? • Are there any gaps in the plot or the characters’ motivations? • Does your character sound well-rounded instead of a cardboard cutout? • Does each character have a unique voice and mannerisms? Learn More.


2016 Goal Review Highlights – First Quarter

First Quarter Goals The first quarter of 2016 (Jan, Feb, March) ends this week. Can you believe it? We were just celebrating New Year’s Eve. As is typical for me, I map out annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and hourly goals. I do tend to be quite hard on myself and give[...]