Time Management Tip – Focus on the Goal in Front of You

time managementIt’s Monday and the start of a week filled with possibilities. What are your goals today? Have you written a To-Do-List for the week? Not to worry if you haven’t written one, in fact, it might be easier if you don’t have one for today.

Sometimes, our lists get in the way because they don’t allow us to be creative. If you’re like me, your to do list is probably as long as both your arms and getting started can make you feel sluggish. Ever had one of those moments trying to figure out what to do first? So, how do you get and stay motivated with your goals?

Follow these simple steps for success. 

Focus on one item only. Put aside the list and pick one thing that you want to accomplish, write your next chapter, revise your last chapter, or put together a newsletter.

Define your goal. What will it take to finish that one item you picked? Does it require concentration? Does it require a word count? Does it require research? How many hours do you need?

Set aside time for it. Block out time on your calendar, whether it’s morning or afternoon or both. Set a timer. Shut down email, Facebook, Twitter. Don’t let distractions get in the way. If you have kids at home, let them know you are writing and not to disturb you. Then check in with them every so often and praise them for letting you work. Go back to your work.

Reward yourself. Projects and goals take a lot of energy and concentration.  In order to keep doing them you need to reap the benefits. If you meet your goal today, give yourself some kind of reward. Don’t wait. Rewards can range from something small and immediate (a few minutes of reading time) and a larger reward (a few hours of reading time) as you meet the goal.  This type of motivation – praise for a job well done can be highly rewarding to your self-esteem.

At first, your mind will be resistant to sticking with these tips. It’s strange and different, but in no way does it diminish your creativity. Stay on track and focus on the goal in front of you and it will soon develop into a habit. You will still be left with plenty of creativity knowing that one goal is completed.

**Your assignment – Write 500 words on one the suggestions below or come up with your own inspirational topic. Here are some to get you started.

The magic of birds

The quiet house

Describe a glass of lemonade

Keep writing!






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