Hot Visibility Tips to Grow Your Online Business (tips for authors included)

If you’re not visible, you don’t exist! Want to be seen online? I hope you’re saying, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” I bet you’re wondering how this blog post will help you? Authors are no different than a small business and to

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Writing Goals for September

The start of a new month is here! What stories or book will you work on, clean up, or create this month? I’ll go first! My newest book project is on Marketing your Book. Since I spent seven years doing

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GRAMMAR TIP: How to use “Accept and Except”

Words that sound the same although spelled differently and have different meanings are typically the easiest to get confused. In the following example “Accept and Except” are explained. Accept means “to acknowledge” or “to agree to.” Except is usually a

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New Release – Failing Greatly by Dan Smith

I LOVE being a book coach and editor! One of my many clients now has his #1 bestselling book listed on Amazon, Failing Greatly, Your Guide to Achieving Success after Failure by Dan Smith. Inside the book he wrote a

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Finish this Sentence – Writers are….

Finish the Sentence – Writers are….

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Writing Goals for August

The start of a new month is here! What stories or book will you work on, clean up, or create this month? I’ll go first! I’m revising yet again my short story titled “Spencer’s Pond.” I want the sentences shorter

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The Northeast Quarter Historical Fiction Novel Book Spotlight and Excerpt

THE NORTHEAST QUARTER SYNOPSIS Do you want revenge or do you want your land back?” Winfield, Iowa. 1918. Colonel Wallace Carson, the ruler of a vast agricultural empire, asks Ann Hardy, his ten year old granddaughter and eventual heir, to

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Grammar Tip: How Many Spaces After a Sentence

One space or two after a sentence? This is a question that is hotly debated in writing circles. However, if you’re in favor of the two spaces after a sentence you really should think your opinion. According to Brian Klems

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Time Management Tip – Focus on the Goal in Front of You

It’s Monday and the start of a week filled with possibilities. What are your goals today? Have you written a To-Do-List for the week? Not to worry if you haven’t written one, in fact, it might be easier if you

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Boost Your Social Media Engagement with these Simple Tips You Can Use Today

Everyone promoting a book wants more attention on social media. We want more tweets, retweets, favorites, more likes on Facebook, more pics being shared on pinterest, and so on and so on. However, if you want more of this kind

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