Book Coaching

Stuck on Writing a Book?

A book coach can help you get from planning to promotion.

  • A book coach can be many things; A cheerleader, a motivator (talking you through those moments of doubt), a project manager (guiding you on the steps involved in writing a book), a strategist (helping you plan your outline your concept, title, character development and more).
  • Will be objective about your writing, giving advice where needed and encouraging your unique voice and writing style.
  • Works with your best interest at heart.
  • A book coach is in your corner and wants to see you succeed at writing.

How a Book Coach helps you with your idea or manuscript

  • Keeps your writing on track
  • Set up checkpoints through your writing
  • Ensures that you don’t overwrite
  • Saves you valuable time
  • Quicker editing means less rewriting
  • Provide information about next steps in writing and publishing process
  • Makes your DREAM of becoming an AUTHOR a reality

Book Coaching Areas;

Non-Fiction Books – I will coach you to;

  • Write your personal story in a universal message
  • Outline Chapters
  • Editing and proofread
  • How to Track References and Resources

Get started with my Non-Fiction Book Program.

Fiction Books;

  • Writing the book
  • Mapping a book plan
  • Narrative hook
  • Editing
  • Developing Dynamic Characters for story and plot
  • Dialogue
  • The Beginning, Middle, and End

Essay Writing

  • Personal Essay Writing (drafting, revisions, proof)
  • Educational Essay (drafting, revisions, proof)

Book Mechanics

  • Book Proposal
  • Query Letter
  • Create an outstanding bio
  • Book Synopsis and Front Matter,
  • Cover Designs
  • Interior Formatting
  • Acquire ISBN
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Press Releases
  • Press Kits
  • Acquire an LCCN (Library of Congress Number)
  • Book conversion for the Amazon platform, (Kindle for ebook, Create Space for paper)

Examples of Coaching Packages

Book Coaching Packages

Got Writers Block? Have questions on how to proceed, what comes next in your book? I offer a variety of *Private – Single or multiple session coaching by email, phone, video. Sessions are single or multiple hour long.

Create a Compelling Biography Package

One bio does not fit all. Learn how to craft a compelling bio that fits the requirements for your *Amazon sales page * Amazon Author Central * your book cover, and numerous other social media sites.

Book Title, Synopsis and SEO Package

I will help you craft a title and book synopsis that offers * competitive titles in your category/genre * SEO words that relate to your book *a minimum of five possible titles and/or five sub-titles.

Publishing Package

I assist with publishing to the Amazon platform both in print and electronic versions.I will help or set up for you *Amazon sales account * interior formatting * retail pricing *distribution channels.


What’s Next?

Not sure how to proceed? Not sure if you need hours of help or a tailored package?

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