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Books to Celebrate Earth Day

There’s always a reason to read a good book and today being Earth Day is no exception. Authors have always written about the earth, the land beneath their feet and the struggles, hardships, and joys that the land gives to

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Unlocking Your Spiritual Greatness Book Blitz

Your life will change when realize that God’s ability zone is greater than your comfort zone. About the books: Title of Book # 1: Unlocking Your Spiritual Greatness ISBN:  978-1-105-46980-0 Genre: Spiritual Maturity, Christianity, Discipleship Training Publisher: LuLu Enterprises, Inc.

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Plot or Characters – Which Comes First?

Bitter Chocolate By Dawn Greenfield Ireland This is a tricky question, Rebecca. For the most part, plot and characters are interwoven tightly – at least one character and a situation brings the story to life. When I get an idea

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Death by Poison in Mystery Novels

By Faye M. Tollison In earlier time poisoning was a very common way to commit murder by both men and women, though probably more often by women. Then as time moved on it became mainly a woman’s murder weapon. But

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How Important is Editing Your Book – Advice from Victoria King Voreadi

Victoria King-Voreadi is the co-author, with Donald E. Schwarz, of the film noir anti-detective novel Interrogation Tango. Victoria shares the number one item that makes a best seller and more insights on writing and self-publishing.   About the Book:  Interrogation

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Finish This Sentence – What are Three Things. . .

Just for a moment imagine that you’re a famous author. What are three things your fans would be surprised to find out about you?  Have fun with this one. Feel free to comment.        

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Riley J. Ford Talks About the Motivation Behind Her # 1 International Bestseller in Humor, Teen Fiction and Mystery

I’ve always thought it would be fascinating to be able to see into people’s minds, to know what they’re thinking behind their outer facades (for better or worse). Hence, INTO YOU was born. I thought having a twist–that of the

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Quotes to Uplift Your Writing: The Writing Journey

The long and winding road of the writing life and the road to publication can be a long venture before seeing results. Is it really about the arrival or is it about the journey getting there? I would presume that

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Biggest Career Surprise

What’s your biggest career surprise, perhaps a publisher said yes or you were paid handsomely for an article? Benjamin Kane Ethridge, author of Blank and Orange a dark fantasy novel states that he had long admired the winners of the

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Quotes for the Week to Uplift Your Writing – Creating Yourself as a Writer

Creating yourself as a writer is something that every writer experiences. We are never the same person after we set out to put words on a page and create stories. Although, the journey may be long and sometimes difficult it’s

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