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Lessons Learned on the Way to the Top: A Q&A with Carolyn Wolfe

Carolyn Wolfe is the author of a fantasy collection of short stories, titled: “The Moonsparrow Collection.”  Rebecca’s Writing Services caught up with Carolyn recently and asked her some questions on Writing and Self-Publishing. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by

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How Important is Editing Your Book – Advice from Victoria King Voreadi

Victoria King-Voreadi is the co-author, with Donald E. Schwarz, of the film noir anti-detective novel Interrogation Tango. Victoria shares the number one item that makes a best seller and more insights on writing and self-publishing.   About the Book:  Interrogation

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On Self-Publishing: Authors are Changing the World of Publishing One Book at a Time

If someone would have said ten years ago that there was a way to publish your book and keep all your rights and all the profits we would have thought they were crazy. Fast forward to 2013 and self-publishing is

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On Self-Publishing – Staying True to Her Creativity – Interview with Brandi Knight

Brandie Knight spent twenty years in the entertainment industry and her novel is based on her true to life adventures within that industry. She shares how she stayed true to her creativity with the road to publishing and its struggles.

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