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Happy Halloween! How To Dress Up as a Writer

A writers costume

How would you dress up as a writer? And if you did, would anyone know who you were? Maybe, just a shirt with a writer saying would say it all?                   Rebecca

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In Writing – The Obstacle is the Path

Norman Vincent Peale

Having a hard time seeing the big picture of your finished novel? It starts with one word at a time and whether you outline or fly by the seat of your pants the key is to just write it. That’s

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Quotes to Uplift Your Writing: Humor is Needed

Erma Bombeck humor

Everyone needs to laugh; it’s good for you. Have you ever noticed that after laughing, a really good belly laugh that you feel better?  You might also feel that you can breathe better and things seem brighter. Did you know

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Quotes to Uplift Your Writing: The Writing Journey

Michel de Montaigne journey

The long and winding road of the writing life and the road to publication can be a long venture before seeing results. Is it really about the arrival or is it about the journey getting there? I would presume that

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Quotes to Uplift Your Writing: Follow Your Dreams

Eleanor Roosevelt dreams

The dictionary defines the word Dream as images during sleep; a vision, something pleasant; deem practical or waste time. I prefer to think of dreams as something we want to achieve during our waking hours, perhaps the dream of becoming

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Quotes to Uplift Your Writing: To Write is to Write is to Write

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Your passion is writing, but are you doing everything but writing? Are you making excuses for not finishing that article or chapter in your novel? Are you finding it hard to stay in your chair and write?  These quotes will

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Quotes for the Week to Uplift Your Writing – Creating Yourself as a Writer

Jack London

Creating yourself as a writer is something that every writer experiences. We are never the same person after we set out to put words on a page and create stories. Although, the journey may be long and sometimes difficult it’s

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