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Writing Prompt 365 – Character Flaws and Quirks

 No one is perfect, especially characters in a story.  One of the reasons they’re memorable is that something stands out – something different in their personality or how they look.  What are some flaws that you can add to your

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Kid Friendly Weddings – Make the Anticipation for Kids at Weddings Great for Everyone

To invite or not to invite children is a question you might ask when planning your wedding. Considering the money and energy, you will put into planning your special day you want to make sure nothing goes wrong. However, to

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Summertime Dangers for Dogs Article

It’s a common sight to see a dog inside a car knowing that the owner has popped into a store for a quick buy. As we walk by the car, we go about our business and think nothing of the

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Social Networking – What is the Deal with LinkedIn Recommendations

I’ve written about this in a more generic post, but within the past week I’ve received two requests for LinkedIn Recommendations from people I’m connected with but don’t know. Asking for a recommendation from someone who knows you and your

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Wedding Article – Get It in Writing

Got a bunch of wedding vendors you are counting on for your big day? Here’s how to protect your investment. You have dreamed of a wedding since you were a little girl. You want the day to be special and

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Hiking With Your Dog Article for Inland Empire Fun

Most outdoor lovers look forward to weekend hikes with their furry friends by their side. Getting close to nature gives you a chance to leave behind the weekly city grind and traffic noise. As you and your dog relax on

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Tip: Commonly Misused Words in Writing and How to Correct It

Is your writing or blogging suffering from misused words? It’s important to know and understand the difference between certain words. Using the wrong word will have your reader doing a double take and not being able to understand what you

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Writing Prompts 365 – Song Lyrics for Inspiration

What is your favorite song? Have you ever thought of writing it into a short story? The words and the rhythm can provide your narrative. Be creative, gather some inspiration and allow your creativity to explore a short story. Can’t

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